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STORROR and 6 Underground


Never mind The Irishman – Michael Bay’s 6 Underground is Netflix’s craziest movie gamble yet | | January 16, 2020

The film’s biggest stunt – Four scaling down the side the Duomo dome – was performed by members of the Storror parkour team and captured by drone cameras. According to co-writer Paul Wernick, it was Michael Bay’s idea. “We had a chase through Florence, and he was like, ‘Let’s roll through a museum, let’s parkour down the Duomo,’” Wernick told The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re just like, ‘Oh my god, yes!’”

Another dizzying parkour sequence takes place across skyscrapers, cranes, and beams in Hong Kong (actually Abu Dhabi, standing in for Hong Kong), as Four escapes from a mission gone wrong, with stunts also performed by Storror… read more


The Real Skywalkers | | December 22, 2019


The truth about those parkour scenes in 6 Underground | | December 13, 2019

Whether Four is leading a dictator’s goons on a thrilling chase across Hong Kong skyscrapers or sliding down the side of Florence’s historic Duomo — a scene that was filmed on-location on the roof of the actual cathedral — his action beats stand out as some of the best in the entire film. But what makes the stunts look so good? Looper talked to Toby Segar, a member of the parkour collective Storror, which did the freerunning stunts in 6 Underground, to find out… read more


Ben Hardy talks defying gravity in Michael Bay’s latest action-packed thriller ‘6 Underground’ | | December 13, 2019

I worked with Storror, a very successful parkour crew in the modern world of social media and YouTube—they are just great athletes. What I found really interesting about training with them was just understanding their mindset, you have to be a very special kind of person to want to jump from one skyscraper to the next. For them, it was all about mental barriers. Any jump they do they first do on the ground level hundreds of times so they know up at that height they can make it… read more


Ryan Reynolds: ‘6 Underground’ has craziest car chase ever (features live performance by Storror on the Today Show) | | December 12, 2019


Ben Hardy, Ryan Reynolds dress to impress at action-packed ‘6 Underground’ premiere in NYC | | December 10, 2019

Hardy made an epic red carpet appearance when he was joined by stuntmen from Storror, who performed crazy tricks and stunts off scaffolding. The short clip that Storror shared to its Instagram page features the team members flipping, jumping and ziplining all over the set, before landing on the red carpet joining Hardy… read more


More to follow! And we’ve got a blog post about our parkour sequences in the movie – read that here.