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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

The STORROR® team comprises seven members, including two pairs of brothers: Max and Benj Cave, Drew Taylor, Toby Segar, Callum and Sacha Powell, and Josh Burnett-Blake.

As a professional parkour and specialist stunt performance team, they undertake work for movies, advertising, digital activations, live performances, event guesting and more. The collective is also available to hire as a self-sufficient film production unit for a wide range of projects.

With parkour stunt roles in 6 Underground directed by Michael Bay, which was released by Netflix in December 2019 and became its second most watched film of the year, and other exciting projects on the horizon, the future promises to be more action-packed than ever for the guys. See STORROR in the media.

SINCE 10.10.10

STORROR® was officially established on 10th October 2010, a memorable date that often features in their clothing designs. Although the guys had already been training together for some years before, this was the day the Cave brothers launched their YouTube channel, which now has over 7.5 million subscribers and more than one-billion video views.

At first it was just a casual thing, with Max and Benj uploading videos of training sessions and times spent messing around in their hometown. The others quickly joined in. As the group began to travel more widely together they documented their adventures, and soon the parkour community started referring to them as the STORROR boys. The name stuck.

For more insight to the seven characters that make STORROR® the biggest name in parkour, take a look at their individual profiles!

STORROR’s much acclaimed videos provide a unique perspective, exploring cities via their rooftops, back-alleys and urban hang-out spots, and moving fluidly through the built environment and natural landscapes. Add their extraordinary visual mix of POV, high-flying drones, and close-up filming by the parkour-cameramen, and the viewer feels as if they’re right there in the heart of the action, quite unlike any other travelogue.

As a leading light of the global parkour family, STORROR is instantly plugged in to the authentic youth culture in whatever country they visit. Parkour is the fastest growing extreme sport in the world, and has an extraordinary capacity to cross cultural and socio-economic divides. With no need for any equipment or special clothing, the sport is accessible to all, and the team enjoys introducing parkour to children and teens in disadvantaged communities around the globe.

The team’s presentation is so much more than a highlight reel of heart-stopping stunts and head-spinning heights. For every example of amazing movement, their videos have many more minutes of the guys hanging out and vlogging while they explore the world, pulling the viewer right in and inviting you to get to know all seven personalities.

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