Max Cave

birthday: 23 December 1991


Why is the team called STORROR?

Storror is my middle name, and my brother Benj’s too. It’s an unusual one that’s been passed down in our family for some generations. So when we started the YouTube channel we just decided to call it that! For the full story of why the team is called STORROR, read the blog post here.

How did you get into parkour and meet the rest of the team?

My first experience of parkour was watching a documentary on TV called Jump Britain, directed by Mike Christie, in 2005. I was 14 years old and Benj was 12. We were instantly hooked and started the very next day.

Drew was at the same school as Benj and me, and he soon started training with us. We met Toby, Callum, Sacha and Josh later, through travelling around looking for other practitioners. As we all lived fairly close to each other, we began training together on a regular basis.

What do you most appreciate about being part of STORROR and about your team mates?

Team mentality is sick! It’s a tool to feed the mind, we’re constantly creating. The best moments come when we’re on the road – seven mates travelling around the world together, training, filming and creating every day.

When any of us come up with a good idea, the rest are always up to do it – it’s perfect to get cool stuff done. Sacha’s got vision, Drew’s got drive, Josh’s creativity makes you think differently about things, Callum has that consistency of training, Toby is adaptable, and Benj always has a good mental attitude.

What do you think makes STORROR unique among parkour teams?

Perhaps it’s that we document parkour life better than most. It’s not only the moves but also the behind-the-scenes stuff, so people can see the challenges and how we approach overcoming them. Also, there are seven different characters that people can relate to. Another big thing is the length of time we’ve been making videos now – people really rate that.

What are your best parkour skills and what are your other talents or interests?

I’m great at coming up with new ideas, concepts, and movements. Other than parkour, I enjoy football, travelling, food, photography, filming and editing, and anything new!

What places would you like to visit that you haven’t yet and which are your favourites so far?

Africa, Australia, Indonesia are top of my list to go to. Favourites I’ve already been are Spain, Iceland, Hong Kong and Jamaica.

What advice would you give someone starting out in parkour?

You’ve got to really enjoy it, be obsessed with movement, and the skills will follow. |