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Blackout Bounty: Basic Rules



  1. Competition starts at 5pm on 12 October 2020, when STORROR® YouTube video is released announcing it.
  2. Competition ends when STORROR team is discovered and filmed by contestant, adhering to the rules below.
  3. If no winner is declared, the competition ends ten days after start date, at 5pm (BST/UTC+1) on 22 October 2020.
  4. Contestants must follow official @STORROR Instagram account (
  5. Contestants must upload an Instagram post using hashtag #STORRORblackoutbounty to confirm they are participating, at any time before the competition ends.
  6. To win, contestants must find all seven members of the STORROR team together, in the same location, at the same time.
  7. They must record a video that includes all seven members of the STORROR team, at a maximum distance of 20 metres and no closer than 2 metres.
  8. They must say the phrase “STORROR BLACKOUT BOUNTY” and state their own name in the video they film at that time.
  9. The winner will receive £10,000.
  10. The award of the prize is subject to the full Terms and Conditions of the competition, published at




So what’s this all about?

Well, we’ve been making YouTube videos for ten years now, since 10.10.10, and wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. Read more here. Watch our short announcement on YouTube. And follow us on Instagram for updates, and possibly some clues too!

It says these are basic rules, are there more?

Yes, on this page is an outline so you can easily understand the basics, and decide if you’d like to participate. You’ll find the full Terms & Conditions of the competition here. Please read them if you’re intending to take part!

I’m not in the UK/I am in UK but can’t travel; how can I join in the hunt?

You can still have fun following along remotely. Pick up on any clues, and either keep them to yourself or maybe relay the info to help others. Or you could team up officially with a group of friends, including at least one who is present in UK. Obviously, they must be willing and able to travel. If they find us, and film us, your group wins. You then share the bounty between you. Forming a group enables people from around the world to work together to figure out where we are, and direct those on the ground to find us.

What happens if two contestants find the team at the same time?

If two or more individuals or groups track us down, and arrive and film at the same time, the ultimate winner will be decided by us. For example, we may decide to split the prize money between them, or to run a tie-breaker competition.

Remember, for all details, you must read the full Terms & Conditions here!