Parkour movement has featured in loads of video games, from the original Prince of Persia way back in 1989 to the latest release of Assassin’s Creed. But there has never been a video game dedicated to parkour. Well we’re about to change that!

For STORROR Parkour Pro we’ve chosen to work with a team of highly experienced independent video games developers. Being independent of big corporations means we can maintain complete creative control and ensure the game represents us and parkour exactly as we want it to.

But without the financial backing of a big corporate games studio, we’re going to need your help to make this happen! So we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the next stage of the game’s development.


We’re asking you to back our project, by pledging as little as £3 or as much as you want, in return for a variety of rewards. Rewards range from having your name on a security guard’s badge, and a thank you in the game’s credits, to your digital human copy being included as a non-playable character, and attending a motion capture session with us and the development team.

Even more importantly, this game will be a collaborative experience. Every level of pledge from £15 upwards will get you access to the game development private channels, where you’ll be welcome to participate with suggestions and feedback.

And if you do pledge £15 or more, you will also be able to play the game on PC while it is being developed, starting as early as April 2021, through to the final version.

Remember, with Kickstarter it’s all or nothing. If we don’t achieve our target for funding, we get none, so we’ve set the goal relatively low – hopefully we will exceed it. And we haven’t got long to raise the financial backing we need – just one month!

First, we recommend you watch our YouTube upload that explains more about the project here and then…

  • Please go to Kickstarter where you can read all the details
  • Pledge whatever amount you can, as soon as you possibly can
  • Share the campaign with all your friends, especially those in the parkour and gaming communities

Thanks so much for supporting the creation of STORROR Parkour Pro in whatever ways you are able. We fully appreciate many people are not in a position to back it financially. But even just sharing the Kickstarter campaign, or our posts about it, on your social media accounts will help us tremendously.


Brilliant news  – our initial goal for crowdfunding was achieved on 13th December 2020, less than a week after launching! This is a massive achievement, thanks to everyone who has contributed and shared the campaign, and a really important milestone.

With that hurdle behind us, we’ve now got until 7th January to see how much extra can be raised in pledges before the campaign ends. The more backing we get through Kickstarter, the less we’ll have to hunt around for outside funding, so please continue to share it with friends, family, anyone who might be keen to back it too.

You can read what other backers have said about the project, as well as replies from the development team and us, in the comments section. We’ve also added some FAQs on there and two updates, including this video where JimmyTheGiant gives his view on the game and chats to us about our plans.

About the author: Drew Taylor